Honesty, hard work and
Politenesses are our gate pass to success


Dear students,

People often say that stars govern their fate, but they forget the fact that success or failure is the fruit of one’s action. If we sow chaff, we cannot reap grain; the result or the consequence of an action depends on what one does and to the extent he does it. If we work hard, we succeed and we succeed only to the extent that we work. People who think that the law of karma is supreme may feel what one is destined to get, he will always get, whether he strives for it or not. But experience thus that rewards and punishment are the direct result at our action; honesty and hard work never go unrewarded and dishonesty evil never go unpunished.

    Politeness means having good manners consideration for other people. It reflects out refined ways of behaviour and conduct. Politeness is a noble virtue. It costs nothing but yields goods dividend. Politeness wins us love, affection and respect. Politeness succeeds where harshness fails. Politeness wins friends while rudeness creates enemies. We can win even our enemies by being polite. In fact, Hard work and Politeness are our GATE-PASS to SUCCESS.

Sri.Mahantesh S. Koujalagi
Member secretary, KRCMC, Kittur.






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