About Kittur Rani Channamma


Queen Channamma belongs to the glory of being the first Indian woman to take up arms against the might of British when their power was sweeping before them in a mighty surge. Her single victory on October 23, 1824 over British commandant Thackeray converted Kittur into a citadel of freedom and held the British at bay for a long time. Even when she was over whelmed by sheer numbers she fought to death for sacking all hopes of victory. The great queen, who blazed a glorious trail of revolt in the gloomy dark hours of slavery, though defeated the fire of love of freedom loving people. She became one of the forerunners of the future war of independence. In 1857, Which broke out all over India and later of the freedom movement headed by Mahatma Gandhi. Hence she is rightly called as ‘The Morning Star’ of “INDIA’S FREEDOM STRUGGLE”

Kittur Fort

Her love for humanity knew no bounds. The noble queen treated the prisoners of war with great mercy, love care and kindliness. October 23rd has now become a day of national importance and being observed as the “women’s day.” We salute this great woman of Indian with utmost reverence.


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