Here we are to present this record of development and achievements of Kittur Rani Channamma Residential Sainik School for Girls to the parents of the students in particular and the public in general. It is a success stroy- result of collective efforts of teachers, students, management and non-teaching staff and particularlyof the one man who took over the reins with commitment and dedication to shape it into world-class public school and offer it to all those who wanted thier daughters to be shaped into bold, responsible, enlightened girls upholding the values of Indian culture for which Rani Channamma lived, fought and died. He had a promise to keep. I mean, Dr: Mahendra S Kanthi, Chairman-to none but his father Shri S R Kanthi, Founder of the school and he has done it.

Macaulay, English historian and biographer of the nineteenth century had feared that as the civilization advances, poetry declines. True, the powerful electronic world-T.V, Internet and computer - appears to erode the importance of creative writing. The young and cheerful students appear to assert loudly. "May the human race live and poverty thrive." May the School March ahead!


  Dr.Dakshayani Jangamasheeti,Ph.D President, KRCMC, Kittur





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