Military Oriented Training

Military oriented training is provided to the girls of the school to inculcate the following
Officer - like qualities.

Planning & Organising
Effective Intelligence

Students With Effective Intelligence are Bright, Mentally Sharp, Penetrating, Innovative and Inventive.

Reasoning ability

Students with Higher Reasoning Ability are Exceptionally Sharp, Analytical, Highly Imaginative, Logical and Practical.

Organizing ability

Students with Higher Organizing Ability are Very Meticulous in Planning, established, Dealing with Complex Issues WithoutOverlooking Details, Use common sense, Original in Actions and Quick in Comprehension.

Power of Expression

Students With Higher Power of Expression are More Eloquent,Forceful, lucid, Precise and Effective in Their Expression.

Social Adjustment
Social Adaptability
Students With Higher Adaptability are Genial, Very Spontaneous in Adjusting well in short time, Outgoing, Amiable, Accommodative, Flexible, Understanding, Friendly and Sympathetic.
Cooperative Students are Altruistic, Selfless , Volunteer workers with tremendous Esprit-De-Corps. They are also Humane, Warm hearted, Spontaneous and Groups minded people.
Social Effectiveness
Students with Higher Initiative Display Plenty of Originality of Thoughts and Actions. They never get stuck, They are Enterprising, Persistent and Will Come up with Numerous Fresh Ideas.
Self Confidence
Students with Higher Self-Confidence are Totally Composed, Rationally Active, Have Abundant Faith in their Abilities, Self Reliant and Constructive in Difficulties.
Speed of Decision
Students with higher speed of decision are Infallible, Prompt, Judicious and take Sound Decisions with considerable Sense of Urgency. They are Never Wavering, Impulsive, Hesitant, Erratic in their decisions.
Ability to influence the group
Students with higher ability to influence a group are Highly Inspiring with Magnetic Charm, Indispensable, Assertive, Persuasive, Firm & Have considerable Capacity to Overcome Opposition.
Lively Students are Always Active and Cheerful.
Sense of Responsibility
Students with Higher Sense of Responsibility are Exceptionally Dutiful, Faithful and Respectful to Authority. They are very Conscientious and Go out of their way to Shoulder Responsibilities.
Students with Higher Determination are Highly Resolute, Un-wavering, Advent Industrious, Firm & Steady, persevering and persistent tier
Students with Courage are Dauntless Risk Takers, Daring, Aggressive, Creative, Bold andPlucky with Tremendous Physical and Moral Courage.
Students with Stamina possess Herculean Physical and Mental capabilities and Can withstand plenty of Physical and Mental Stress. They are indefatigable, Calm and Very Tough Individuals.


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