1.To ensure that the students of the school do not suffer any academic loss, as a matter of policy the students are not granted any leave when the school session is on, except for emergencies. But at times parents do come up with requests for grant of leave to their wards for some or the other reasons such as marriages or any other functions in the family, where in, grant of leave to the students becomes inevitable.
2.To ensure that all Parents, House Teacher, other members of the staff and students are aware of the procedural aspect to be followed for grant of leave to the students, there is a necessity to lay down proper guidelines and procedures that needs to be followed by all concerned i.e. right for the parent applying for leave, getting it approved and then proceeding on leave, there by ensuring smooth and efficient functioning.

3.The aim of these instructions is to lay down proper guidelines and procedures to be followed by parents & students for grant of leave to the students.

4.As per school policy, leave to all STUDENTS are not granted during the school session except, in case of emergencies. NO LEAVE WILL BE GRANTED ON students request.
5.Towards this a letter from the Parents should be submitted / faxed to the Principal well in time duly communicating the reasons and duration.
6.The application submitted should clearly indicate whether the girl child is being escorted by the Parents / Legal Guardian, or any escort is to be provided by the School. All expenditure incurred towards escort of the student will have to be born by the Parents.
7.In all other cases except emergencies, leave will only be restricted to two days stay at home plus traveling time. In case of emergencies, the duration may be extended as per the case, but submission of application for grant of leave is compulsory.
8.All requests for leave except on emergencies must be sent at least two week in advance. All students will make their Parents aware of the school calendar including examination schedule.
9.On receipt of the leave application by the School, the same will be processed as follows:-
(a)Leave application will be handed over to the concerned student.
(b)Students will obtain the comments / recommendation of the Dormitory In charge, House Teacher, Warden and Director PU Section / Headmistress, on the leave application. In case of Medical leave, the leave will be forwarded to the School Medical Officer by the House Teacher for her recommendations.
(c) After all recommendations Warden will obtain the recommendation of Adm officer and finally approval of the Principal on the leave application.
(d) On approval, the warden will submit the leave application to the Adm officer through Admission Section for issue of leave certificate. Leave certificate will only be signed and issued by the Adm officer.
10.Leave certificate duly signed by the Adm officer will be forwarded to the Warden by the Admission Section. The wardens in turn will handover the leave certificate to the students on due date & time after confirming details with regards to the escort as per Para 6 and 7 above with the gate pass. In case of emergencies, leave certificate may be signed by the Director PU Section, but details of the same will be immediately informed to the Principal and then to the Adm officer at a later stage.
11.On expiry of leave period, students with escort on reaching the school will report to the House Teacher only between 0900 hr to 1330 hr. Only after obtaining necessary permission / approval of the House Teacher, the student will be permitted to enter the House. GIRLS WILL ONLY REPORT TO THE MAIN Office in the School BUILDING ON REPORTING BACK FROM LEAVE.

12.All are requested to follow the above guidelines and procedures towards smooth administration of the School. All Patents will educate them selves of the procedure to be followed for grant of leave to their wards.

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