1.All parents / legal guardians as per our school records only are permitted to visit the school on all occassions. To maintain high standards of discipline and conduct of the parents visiting the school, minimum following duties / responsibilities are expected on part of the parents:-

(a) Leave:Students will be permitted to go on leave only in case of medical treatment / extreme emergencies / or other such requirements, hence Parents are expected not to frequently apply / request for leave for their daughter. Parents seeking medical leave will bring all medical report / documents stating the specific need for such absence from the school along with fitness certificate. The medical reports should clearly indicate the nature of illness, treatment given, period of absence, details of medication required to be continued at the school, and fitness of the child to attend the school.

(b) Second Sunday: Parents are permitted to visit the KRCRSSG campus only between 09.00 am to 04.00 pm on Second Sundays. Though the visit is intended for the parents to spend quality time with their wards, parents are expected meet Class Teacher, Subject Teacher, Warden, House Teacher, HM, Director PU Section and the
Principal to discuss academic performance and general conduct of their daughter.Parents shall take due care to maintain cleanliness of the campus and any waste materials like paper, plastic bag, disposable food etcectra shall be placed in the waste drums / baskets kept at various places in the campus.

(c) Guest's \Relatives: Taking into considerations the safety, security, health and hygiene aspects of all the students, only Parents / Legal Guardians, maximum up to 02 members only will be permitted to visit the school. Guest's \ Relatives will not be permitted to enter the school premises. Parents are requested to take prior permission well in advance in writing from the Principal to bring their Old Grand Parents / Relatives / Guests to the school.

(d) Snacks / Eatables: Parents are requested to ensure that no eatables are brought and given / sent to their wards during their visit to the school on second Sunday or otherwise. This is being done to ensure that that the children don't consume fungus infected eatables and also avoid entry of rats, insects, monkeys, dogs, cats etc in the

(e)Parking of Vehicles: Parents are also requested to park their vehicles in the Parking Area only. This is being mainly done to provide safety and security to your child in addition to avoid entry of unauthorized people into the campus to meet the students claiming themselves to be parents / relatives. Old Grand Parents if permitted to visit the school by the school authorities will be escorted from parking area to the school mess area by school bus

(f)Conduct and Behaviour: Parents are requested to maintain discipline of very high order during their visit to the school. Unruly, discourteous, rude and bigheaded behaviour by the parents in the campus or with the teachers / Administrative staff will not be tolerated. In case of any defaulters, disciplinary action including withdrawal of his / her daughter will be initiated.

(g) Grievance: Grievances, if any, will be brought to the notice of the Principal, and if need felt may be submitted to the Principal in writing, and action taken with regards to the same will be intimated accordingly .

(h)Handling Cash / Valuables:Parents are requested not to bring Mobile/VCD,s / DVD,s, audio cassettes, VCD / DVD player, I Pods, other electronic devices and / or any other valuable jweleries etcectra into the Campus and further hand over the same to their childrens.

(i) Entry inside the dormitories: No Parent under any circumstances is permitted to enter inside the dormitory / house area. Those who violate the rules will be penalized accordingly.

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* Lt Col Prakash Narahari, -Principal, KRCRSSG, Kittur


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