Education is a prime instrument of national purpose and that quality of education is inescapably involved in the quality of the nation. In any nation it is the youth that necessarily forms the vanguard in most spheres of activity and it is essential that at this critical juncture its power must be mobilized to strengthen our national unity and integrity. Nearly more than sixty percent of India’s population falls in the catogary of less than thirtyfive years of age.

This is our national treasure which needs to be harnessed. Kittur Rani Channamma Residential Sainik School for Girls, Kittur started with a vision and motive of "Empowering the nation with Enlightened and Confident Women", has stood true to the words right from the times of its inception. The cadets of the school have brought laurels to the institution in all the spheres, which include Academics, Sports, Curricular activities and National / State services. Also, since the signing of the Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding on June 21, 2008, many of our faculty members and students have visited USA. In return several faculty from USA have visited our campus. In addition to Rich Cross International Experience, the academic research and teaching experience have been highly rewarding to faculty and students of all the three institutions.

Most recently our School has signed another MOU with Saginaw Township Community Schools in Michigan, USA. This is another landmark achievement for our school The MOU’s have proved to be a step in the right direction to take the School into the new world of Knowledge, Innovation and Competitiveness. During the academic year 2013-14, the school has earned numerous laurels not only in academic but also in sports and co- curricular activities. The laudable efforts of the Principal, Faculty and the Staff are aimed towards ensuring wholesome all round development of the girl cadets, which indeed is worthy of praise. On the occasion of this issue of the "Royal Souvenir " I join Members of the Board of Governors in conveying our warm compliments and facilitation to the Principal ,Faculty, Staff and Cadets and call upon them to continue to strive for even higher goals and keep the flag of the school flying high. Dr.Mahendra S Kanthi,Ph.D [U of K-USA] Chairman, KRCMC, Kittur







Rules of Life or Living
Commencement Address by
Dr. Mahendra S. Kanthi,
Ph.D [U of K / USA]


  1. BE BOLD: Take risk in your career, in your personal life, in your geographical choices and in your travels, Fear is like a giant fog. It sits on your brain and blocks everything including a real feeling, true happiness and real joy. Be bold to lift it and enjoy the ride of your life. Yes, be bold and yourself dream the impossible.
  2. SMILE: LAUGH AND PLEASANT: In life don’t try too be clever but be pleasant. It is a profound occupational and personal advantage to be pleasant.
  3. HAVE THE COURAGE TO SAY “I DON’T KNOW”: Don’t guess. Don’t take. If you don’t have the answer, “say no”. Don’t mislead others. People will respect your honesty if you say “I don’t know; but I will find out”. This is sign of self assurance.
  4. LIVE A BALANCED LIFE: A rich life is a balanced life. Deviate a bit from career. Embraced change. Everything before thirty years of age is a preface. The world is open and full of opportunity and challenges. Remember what Sigmund Freud said: “To work, to love and to play well”.
  5. DON’T BE COLOUR BLIND: The world around you is rich, open, diverse, multi coloured, multi ethnic, textured, multi cultured and multi lingual: It is an enriching experience on a community for outage at injustice. Do it with dignity and honour.
  6. BE A CATAIST: Be confident. If you fight long enough and hard enough you too can make a difference on a community, an a neighbourhood and on a nation. You hold within yourself the capacity for outrage at injustice. Do it with dignity and honour.
  7. STAY IN TOUCH WITH PEOPLE WHO MATTER: Reflect upon the most important source of knowledge in your student days- your classmates. Though sharing one another’s sorrow, you find life tolerable. Through sharing one another’s joys you will enhance your life. Stay close to your friends here-whether or not fate smiles upon them.
  8. BE HELPFUL TO PEOPLE: Remember “We are all children of Mother India”. Find a cause you care about. Involve yourself. Start early in life. For me “Education” and “Literacy” are the top of my priorities. I am a firm believer in using education as an instrument for long-terms solution to eradicate poverty.
  9. DON’T BE LONER: Life is too hard to be lived alone. Make time for your family. A family of your own will change the way you look at life, at your parents, at your grand parents but especially make sure you all your mother. Often they are the most loyal, loving and supportive people you will ever have in your life.
  10. BE GENEROUS: Life is not about warming yourself by the fire. Life is about building a fire. And generally is the match. Consider yourself to be capable and loving. But to know yourself to be generous is the best of all “Generosity is its own Reward”. If you want happiness for an hour, take nap, but if you want happiness for lifetime be generous and help somebody.


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