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Reminiscence of Kittur: Indian history tells us some the heroic women who played a significant role in the making of it. The first Indian woman to lead an army in a battle against an invader was Rani Channamma of Kittur.

The Kittur dynasty had its early beginnings in 1585. Its founders were Hire-Mallashetty and Chikka-Mallashetty from sagar in Mysore state, who had got this territory as a gift from the Adilshahi Kings of Bijapur.

Among the 12 rulers of Kittur dynasty, Mallasarja was the most illustrious. He ruled over Kittur State from 1752 to 1816. Undoubtedly, it was a glorious period from all accounts found in history.

Mallasarja had two wives; Rudramma and Channamma. Channamma was Mallasarja’s second wife. Channamma was deeply interested in the State-craft. She accompanied Mallasarja in all his expeditions and battles. She was in every way a friend, a philosopher and guide to her husband. It was, therefore, not surprising that after his death, political power naturally shifted to her and she assumed the control of the affairs of state keeping Shivalingrudra Sarja as the nominal head.

Shivalingarudra Sarja’s health continued to deteriorates. His condition was so bad that he sent for his confidential assistants and confided in them about his intention to take some boy in adoption. Shivalingarudra Sarja selected Shivalingappa, son of Balappagouda of Mastmaradi.

Thackeray ordered that Shivalingappa, the adopted son shoud be sent away from kittur. There was a sinister motive behind this move: Shivalingappa’s presence in Kittur would lie the hopes of the people of Kittur to regain sovereignty for the State. Rani Channamma was very annoyed by this order. She Finally made up her mind to face the crisis boldly. She called all the Sardars and officers of the court and addressed them. In an impressionable speech, she declared, “Kittur is ours". We are the masters of our own Country. The Britishers say that the adoption is not valid because we did not take permission. Where is it stipulated that we should take their permission for taking a son in adoption? The people of Kittur love freedom more than life. Kittur will fight to the last man of the soil. They would die rather than be slaves of the British. This inspiring speech of Rani Channamma roused the valour of the people assembled. The swords of the Soldiers of Kittur flashed. The call to the battle had been sounded.

In the first war, Rani Channamma won over the British forces on October 23, 1824. The day is now observed as the Women’s Day in the Country.

Location: The School is 2 KM away from Kittur Bus Stand on NH4. Many of the State Transports Buses stop here. The nearest railhead is Dharwad which is 31 KM away. Belgaum is the nearest Airport located 50 KM away.

Surroundings: The site on which the school stands is very beautiful. The founder Shri S.R.Kanthiji's selection of site could not have been better than this, which provides a scenic beauty of the surrounding hills. The school is on hill top which is 780 Mtrs. above sea level. On eastern side of the western ghats. The school spreads over 200 acers of Luxuriant forest with the school infrastructure centrally located.

Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

* Tom Landry (Football Coach)


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